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Aug 31, 2020

We wanted to share our three best practices when it comes to
advocacy and provide some thoughts and insights into this fascinating and complicated arena. At its simplest form advocacy is the act of speaking in support of a person, place or cause. Advocacy can take many forms – it can be meeting with a local elected official to educate them on your industry, it can be issuing a newsletter on how a new law will impact your business or it can even be organizing a rally on a particular issue that you care about. 

Advocacy Breakdown:

1. Issue Discovery – Home in on the exact problem you are trying to solve and be proactive in identifying solutions to the problem.

2. Personal outreach – Determine who has the ability to create the
change you’re seeking and build a personal relationship with
those stakeholders.

3. Coalition Building – Align with persons or groups that share your
interest in order to enhance and elevate your concern. It’s might
be easy to ignore one voice but its hard to ignore 1,000.

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