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Jun 15, 2020

Mark Villalovos guides us through the details of what it means to minimize the friction of a guest or customer returning to your business. How do we begin to prioritize safety, not only from the perspective of health but from a perspective of a new customer experience that breeds trust and care. 

About The Guest:

Mark Villalovos has designed and implemented numerous physical and digital Customer Experience innovations.  As the Director of Strategy and Transformation at Sears Holdings Corp., Mark is responsible for the customer experience strategies of the Shop Your Way loyalty platform and helping return the prestigious Sears and Kmart brands to profitability. Mark’s specialty is human-centered, customer-obsessed design as he fully immerses himself into the lives of his customers and removes friction from the awareness, selection and all purchase processes which grows customer engagement and increases loyalty and revenue as a result.

The foundation of Mark’s expertise is derived from 18 years with the Walt Disney Company. Here Mark helped pioneer the sales philosophy of “Mission Magic” which is credited as a key factor in the return of the Disney Store to profitability between 2008 and 2016.  

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