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Jul 20, 2020

When is the right time to jump into entrepreneurship? The journey can look different for everyone and for Angela her path was made up of one of intention, integrity and the desire to have an experience embedded with risk. Jesse and Sid  talk with Angela about starting a business at a moment of life change, how to best evaluate business partners, entering a saturated market with a new twist, how best to start a restaurant (one of the toughest businesses to start), delivering on a commitment to community during an unprecedented time like COVID-19 and how to turn a passion into a working business.

About Angela Magdangal:

Angela Magdangal joined the culinary/restaurant world after the death of her dad and after going to culinary school was invited by a group of friends to join their restaurant group SBRG.  Their restaurant Pinky's Hot Box was opened with the idea of creating a hot chicken restaurant that isn't just about Nashville hot chicken but also incorporates international flavors.  This is the first year of their business.

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