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Jun 22, 2020

“People who advocate always advocate”. How can one continue to put the issues that are most important forward and to motivate and mobilize, while your business’ current status is unsure of whether it will sink or swim? Gail expresses how leadership in advocacy starts with communication and finding ways to express the message and connect with those who are going to be most affected. 

About The Guest:

Gail Lillian is a serial entrepreneur, restaurant owner, and business coach. She’s a facilitator-in-training for Stanford’s MBA program, in the department of Organizational Behavior, and a Regional Advisor for the Small Business Development Center Network, providing support to small business owners across Northern California. She also volunteers as a mediator, facilitating conflict resolution in corporate and community settings. You can find more on her consulting site,  Our listeners in Northern California probably recognize her name in association with her famous cafe Liba and I know there are many that tip their hat to her for helping to launch the food truck scene.

More From Gail Lillian:

Visit her site: 

Her restaurant: Liba

Visit the SBDC

Twitter: @naillilliag 


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