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Jul 27, 2020

As hosts Jesse & Sid talk with Joel, they notice the positive nature that CEO’s share and the willingness to not only embrace failure but thrive from it in each next venture. 

Bigger Dot is a global print project management company based in Signal Hill, CA that provides custom, specialized and strategic print project solutions to industries such as performing arts, tech, education, aerospace, and corporate culture changers.  Some of their clients include the Hollywood Bowl, FedEx, Anthem and Grand Prix of Long Beach, to name a few. In this episode we talk with Joel about a few of our favorite topics: product making, motivation and business resurrection.   

About Joel Lueb:

Never one to take the road most traveled Joel has made his home in various parts of Europe and the US. He is Publisher and CEO of Drive Savant Media Group which will soon launch a luxurious print journal titled Drive Savant, the ultimate quarterly on distinctive cars. 

He is also CEO of Bigger Dot, an international project management company that facilitates all aspects of production for large scale commercial print projects.

He and his wife Dorien have fostered 19 children, giving them first-hand exposure to the various challenges foster youth face. This has prompted the organization of DS Foundation, which endeavors to establish a mechanical workplace bringing together retired men and women who love cars and emancipated youth desiring to learn mechanical, business and life skills.

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