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Jul 6, 2020

What does it really mean to pivot and stay connected and relevant to your existing customers while developing strategies to market to new ones? Jake Smith, Entertainment Sales Lead at Olson Visual boldly states that the reason they’ve been successful over the years has been by placing huge value in the quality of the product. And during this challenging transition- that has not changed. Through that level of care, customers can rely on feeling safe during a time that is so uncertain in every other aspect. 

About Olson Visual:

Bob and Jeannette Olson moved to Los Angeles in the late 1940’s. After working at a photo store and a short-run partnership, Bob Olson founded the Photo Blow-Up Lab on April 1, 1954. They specialized in black and white enlargements in the professional photography industry. They gained wide success by installing photographs for well-known hotels and commercial buildings in Hawaii. The lab became nationally known with orders from Alaska to Arizona.

Jeannette Olson began to work for the firm. Their partnership launched a very prosperous business that reached a wider audience including: interior decorators, advertising agencies, trade show exhibit builders, and Hollywood celebrities. Dennis Hopper was an early customer asking Bob to enlarge his work.

Bob and Jeannette Olson retired in 1984 and passed on the business to their sons: Rick, Dan, and Tom. The brothers changed the name to Olson Color Expansions and expanded the business to museums, events, and trade shows. They continued to work with well-known celebrities including: Arnold Swartzenegger, Barbara Streisand, John Baldessari, Helmut Newton and Michael Jackson.

In the 1990’s Olson Color Expansions stopped providing fiber-based paper and relayed fully on machine-processed (with a resin coating). Their clientele changed from walk-ins to larger businesses in museum, retail, and entertainment sectors. 

Next, the company was propelled into the digital era and they acquired new state-of-the-art machines. The first digital printer purchased was a 36-inch wide ink jet. Their next printer allowed them to print sixteen feet wide with unlimited length. 

With the constant change in graphics and displays, their name became Olson Visual.

They are now a full-service digital printing and installation firm encompassing all forms of visuals. “It took three of my boys to take my place.” – Bob Olson

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