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Jul 5, 2022

We all have some area in our financial life that we KNOW is draining money, and NOT for very good reasons…It’s time we address this stress and clear the air. To address these issues, I teamed up with my podcast producer of this show and Founder of Avant Haüs Media, Christina Barsi. Barsi is here to discuss the increasing costs and rapidly changing landscape small business owners are facing today. We will dive into tangible ways you can protect and help your small business thrive with different systems and technologies in place. You'll also discover practical organizational tools that can help you relieve the stress of managing costs, and maximize your cash flow. By utilizing the right technology and tools you can simplify and accelerate your payment processes, and feel confident when doing so! There’s no need to be scared or intimidated, information is helpful no matter what it means for your business. So stay calm and know things are likely to change, so you can be ready when the change does come. 

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